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Sunday British School offers you

• Sunday classes every week • 30 to 60-minute classes for different age groups • Three subjects a day

real virtual classrooms

Real virtual classrooms

We teach in real virtual classrooms (not Skype or webinar platforms). Our students see each other, talk to each other, make pairs or groups.

small classes

Small classes

Our classes are small (up to 6-8 students). We pay attention at every student’s needs and communicate with everyone at every class.

To monitor children’s progress

Monitoring progress

You can re-visit your class. All lessons are recorded and uploaded to LMS. Students can see them again while parents can monitor their children’s progress.

Two schools

Two schools

Our course is not instead of yours but to complement it. Two schools simulteniously widen your scope, enrich your cultural background and perfect your English.

Sunday British School is for those who want:


to raise the level of their proficiency in English


to start understanding and loving a subject that is difficult at school


to systematize the knowledge gained at school


to get ready for higher education or get education abroad

Join the course you like

Depending on the age and language level of a child there is always a course which suits the best.

The classes are conducted once a week on Sundays with all the subjects in a row. For IGCSE and A-level subjects the timetable could be different.


for children 5-11 years old

iPrimary is a complete, six year program. It is based on the latest English National Curriculum (2014) and includes the basic subjects of primary school: Mathematics, Science, English. 


for children 11-14 years old

iLowerSecondary is a complete, three-year program in English, Mathematics and the subjects of Scientific block.


for children 14-16 years old

IGCSE stands for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is a special educational programme of preparation for IGCSE examinations and getting a qualification that is globally-recognised.


for children 16-17 years old

The A Level (Advanced Level) is a subject-based school leaving qualification also called General Certificate of Education. Obtaining an A Level is generally required for university entrance.

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