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British School team

Our team

Every day our team of true professional, passionate teachers and managers come to work in order to do their best to bring British Education closer to the students who can’t afford coming to the UK to get education they dream about. We are living and working from different parts of the world, but we are united by the same idea – our devotion and professionalism could make kids a little bit happier and open the door in the world of opportunities a little bit wider, so let’s do it!

We are spending hours discussing new programs, events and contests for our students and all of us wish to make things better and better and adore the feeling of immersiveness in the inner life of school. Whatever question you have there is a person to answer. We will never leave you alone!

Management Team

PhD in Economics, Director, founder of Knowledge Space s.r.o. in Czech Republic and group of companies JandS Ltd. In Russia

Head Officer of British School, Pearson Edexcel Teaching Institution, International Education Agency, Team Leader

Head Teacher of British School



Teacher of Mathematics and Science

Teacher of Mathematics

Teacher of English

Teacher of ICT

Teacher of Physics and ICT

Teacher of English, Science and ICT

Teacher of English language and English literature

Teacher of English Language and English Literature

Teacher of English Language

Teacher of English, Literature and Geography

Teacher of Mathematics and IT technologies.

Teacher of English Language

Teacher of English

Teacher of English language and English literature

Teacher of English and Literature
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