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Information and communications technology (ICT)

Information and communications technology (ICT)

Information and communications technology (ICT)

About this course


Your children are keen on gaming and you don’t know how to cut down the time they spend playing? Let’s try to change the quality of computer time and equip your children with the tools to develop not only their computer literacy but also their analytical skills and raise their level of adaptability to our modern world.

Our new coding courses:

  • For 6+ kids Year 1, 2 — Digital Intro to Computer — ICT Skills for Primary Students
  • For 9+ kids Year 5 — Game Development Using Roblox Studio
  • For 13+ kids Year 7 — Web Design

Digital Intro to Computer — ICT Skills for Primary Students:

  • Introduction to parts of Computer
  • Typing Master Practise
  • MS Word Introduction
  • Drawing and Animation using TuxPaint | BrushNinja
  • Logo Making using Canva
  • Introduction to CODE.ORG

Your kids will:

  • learn all the important parts of computer system
  • become a real prodigy in using a mouse and a keyboard
  • develop writing skills in Word
  • be prepared to coding and programming


30 x 30 minutes classes
360 EUR course (45 EUR per month)

Game Development Using Roblox Studio:

  • Introduction to Roblox Studio Interface
  • Designing 3D Models
  • SnowMan, Clock Tower Design
  • Creating Castle
  • Intro to Script and First Project — Obby
  • Creating UFO
  • World Building
  • Intro to Screen GUI
  • Final Project: Generating Leaderboard with Coin Collecting Mechanism
  • Apply Script to buy Super Jump Booster and End of the Project


30 x 50 minutes classes
600 EUR course (75 EUR per month)

Web Design

  • understanding of HTML
  • setting up a web page
  • text on your web page
  • different styles & formatting to the web page
  • YouTube channels & videos for the web page
  • images & links to the web page
  • multiple web pages


30 x 60 minutes classes
680 EUR course (85 EUR per month)

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