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What is GCSE and IGCSE

GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) is a certificate of graduation from high school — an integral step in the education system that precedes A-Level and other pre-professional and vocational training programs.

Schoolchildren studying under British programs in other countries of the world receive an international analogue of this certificate — IGCSE (International Certificate of Secondary Education).

Повысить уровень владения английским языкомStudying subjects in English will allow not only to delve deeper into the subject, but to repeatedly increase the level of English proficiency.

Предметы по британским стандартам

Learn the subjects of a real British school according to British standards

Международный экзамен по предметам

Take an international exam in subjects with British students

What is the IGCSE for?

Gives students a chance to enter the best colleges and continue their preparation for entering the university.

Promotes the development of critical and creative thinking, independence, active knowledge of the world.

Lays the foundation for further academic success.

When should I prepare for exams?

Children in the UK start preparing for the GCSE exams around the age of 14. Usually the IGCSE course lasts 2 years (grades 10 and 11) and ends with an exam and a GCSE certificate. The student has the right to choose from the total volume of subjects 5 or 6, and English and mathematics are compulsory in many schools.

Who can enroll in the program?

Any student who has completed the 8th grade of a Russian school, or the corresponding level of a school in another country, with a high level of general academic performance and an English level of at least B1 (Intermediate) can enter the IGCSE program at British School Online.

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Preparing for the IGCSE

Subjects in English for students in grades 9, 10, 11

Feel like a student of the British School. Choose any subject: English as a first, mathematics, geography, physics or economics.
In-depth study of subjects in English. We are preparing to study at the best universities in Russia and the world.

Математика Maths

We study mathematics for further education at the university and professional activities. We perform complex calculations, solve multi-stage problems, build a system of evidence, calculate the probability.

Физика Physics

Learning theory through practice. We form a solid base for understanding the basic physical processes, conduct experiments and research.

Английский язык и литература English language and literature

We read and analyze works of art and journalistic texts. Learning to read between the lines. We fill our language with beautiful English phrases and speech turns.

География Geography

We form spatial representations, find relationships between the environment and human activities, determine the causes and consequences of natural disasters, study the economic structure and geographical features of our native land.

Экономика и бизнес Economy and business

We understand the main economic processes and determine our role and the role of our region in the development of the economy, make economic forecasts based on statistical data, assess economic risks, and make decisions.

Информатика ICT

We get acquainted with information systems, study programs necessary for advanced PC users: (MS WORD, EXCEL, ACCESS), develop the skills of online search for information on the Internet, get acquainted with the basics of programming, edit images, create databases.

аккредитация Edexcel

In 2013, we received accreditation from one of the largest British examination organizations «Edexcel», which gives the right to train students according to British educational standards.

Our students study a variety of subjects at our British School (online and offline) and every year most of them take the IGCSE exams.

At our school you can prepare for exams in English as a foreign language, English as a mother tongue, mathematics, computer science, physics, geography, economics, business, chemistry, Spanish, French and German.

How do we teach

Британские стандарты

British standards

We study subjects in English, carry out research work, prepare for the IGCSE.

Академические умения

Academic skills

We study successfully! We write summaries and abstracts, create presentations, work with information.



Effectively plan time, analyze, draw conclusions, make decisions. Deciding on a future profession.

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How are online lessons going?

The only thing a student needs to successfully study at our online school is good Internet access, a headset (headphones with a microphone) and, most importantly, desire!

  • Learning in Big Blue Button virtual classrooms, which are integrated into our own educational platform. Such a lesson differs significantly from Skype and is as close to real life as possible.
  • Students communicate with their teacher, watch videos, listen to audio recordings, «go» to the board, work together with a document, break up into groups and pairs to work.

Our teachers

We live and work in different parts of the world, but we are united by one idea — our dedication and professionalism can make children a little happier and open the door to a world of possibilities a little wider, so let’s do it!

Teacher of English and Literature

Teacher of Physics and ICT

Teacher of Mathematics and Science

Teacher of ICT

Teacher of English Language and English Literature

Teacher of English, Literature and Geography

Teacher of English, Science and ICT

Teacher of English

Teacher of English

Teacher of English language and English literature

Teacher of English language and English literature

Teacher of Mathematics and IT technologies.

Teacher of English Language

Teacher of English Language

Teacher of English Language

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