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Slide online marathon December 11
Kaleidoscope Day
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for children of Years 1-7 (5-13 y.o.)

Online Marathon «British Kaleidoscope»

We invite children and their parents to join our British School online marathon.

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March 19 2022 at 11.00 (GMT+4)

Discover the excellence of British education

Get involved into live online lessons

Meet the real teachers of our school

Enjoy being a student of the British school


11:00 (GMT +4)
Welcome and Presentation by the Head Teacher
11:30 — 12:50 (Years 1-4) / 11:30 — 13:30 (Years 5-7)
Live online lessons
12:50 (Years 1-4) / 13:30 (Years 4-7)
Question time

We open the doors to your new adventure.
Make the most of it! Dream Big!

Ask a question to the Head of British School

Send your question to the Head of British School in advance. Rimma Dubatovka will answer your question during online marathon. If you cannot take part in the marathon, we will contact you.

Дубатовка Римма Валерьевна

Rimma Dubatovka

Head Officer of British School, Pearson Edexcel Teaching Institution, International Education Agency

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There will be online live classes in four main subjects

4 subjects in English





Online British School is a supplementary course for children of different age groups and different levels of English language proficiency. We will offer you a course that suits best to your child

Seeing is believing! Have a look at our live classes!

Part of the online English lesson

Part of the online Maths lesson



For 7 years we have been teaching subjects of British Curriculum to the students from different countries



successfully passed the IGCSE exam during this time

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