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You want your child to be bright and intelligent, knowledgeable with perfect language skills, able to overcome any barrier? Equip them with the knowledge, skills and proper attitudes for self-confident life and success in future!

You don’t even need to leave home in order to get your child ready for such a bright adult life! Everything you need is in your computer. Give your child an education they deserve, and it doesn’t matter where you live! If you have a computer, Internet and headphones, it is enough to have British School classes.

Come and prove yourself as a student of British School Online!

  • Current British Curriculum – kids in the UK have the same classes and learn the same material with the same approach.
  • Teaching at school is conducted via Big Blue Button integrated into our Moodle based educational platform, which is fundamentally different from Skype. The class in this virtual classroom is almost the same as in a real classroom. All the classes are live!
  • Qualified teachers from all over the globe!

British School Online is a blend of traditional content, based on the UK National Curriculum and the newest e-learning methods. It provides high-quality, personalized education experience and career-focused pathways.

British School is for those who want:

  • to raise the level of their proficiency in English;
  • to focus on in-depth studies of their favourite subjects and look at them from a different angle from practice to theory, not from theory to practice like in many other countries;
  • to start understanding and loving a subject that is difficult at school;
  • to get education abroad – the program is fully consistent with international standards, the child falls into the class in which they studied on our program;

There will be classes in three main subjects:

— English
— Mathematics
— Science

British School

Math lesson:

Duration and Price:
    • 9 — 11 y.o. — 8 Sundays x 3 classes x 50 minutes (cost 185 Euro)
    • 12 – 16 y.o. — 8 Sundays x 3 classes x 50 minutes (cost 185 Euro)

Want to study with us? Enrollment is open!

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